POKEMON GO: TOP 10 Pokemon Go Characters

Epic Lists prepared for you the list of the TOP 10 Pokemon Go Characters, check it out!

Here are the TOP 10 Pokemon Go Characters:

10. Krabby evolve to Kingler
9. Caterpie evolve to Metapod
8. Drowzee evolve to Hypno
7. Psyduck evolve to Golduck
6. Weedle evolve to Kakuna
5. Zubat evolve to Goldbat
4. Eevee evolve to Jolteon
3. Rattata evolve to Raticate
2. Magikarp evolve to Gyarados
1. Pidgey evolve to Pidgeotto

So there you have it! TOP 10 Pokemon Go Characters.

TOP 10 Pokemon Go Characters: https://youtu.be/ygfEU1oTPog

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