Top 10 Highest Paid Athletes

The two top earning athletes of 2015 are both heavily responsible for each others earnings – who are they? Find out on ‘Top 10 Highest Paid Athletes’

Floyd Mayweather tops this list and his May 2nd 2015 fight against Manny Pacquiao saw the boxer be the first ever to break through the $100 million barrier for a night’s earnings. The fight itself, though it disappointed many, took in $440 million in Pay Per View alone, another record.

Tiger Woods loses a crown as the world’s top-earning athlete for 12 separate years between 2001-15, but $50.6 million for a year’s work ain’t too shabby either.

10. Kobe Bryant

Bryant is moving beyond plain endorsements and his money making deals include a 10% stake and Board of Directors role with energy drink BodyArmour.


9. Tiger Woods

AdWeek said he actually makes 83 times more from endorsements than actual golf winnings, but this is a slip down the rich list tables for the man who has been crowning it more than 10 separate years in the 21st century.


8. Phil Mickelson

Overtaking longtime rival Tiger Woods for the first time ever on the Forbes rich list Mickelson upped a long-term deal with Callaway to use all their clubs and bags in tournaments.


7. Kevin Durant

Durant inked a $300 million 10 year deal with Nike that, future performance allowing, could be the largest endorsement by any active athlete.


6. LeBron James

LeBron may rise even higher in the pay scales in 2016. He’s holding out for contract negotiations when the NBA strike a new $26 billion TV deal then.


5. Roger Federer

Regarded by many as the greatest male tennis player of all time, Federer’s long-term deals with the likes of Nike, Rolex and Credit Suisse see him also top the tables of tennis earners.


4. Lionel Messi

He got a $9 million raise in 2014 and banked $22 million off the pitch, but you can bet he’s super-annoyed to me coming in just behind Ronaldo.


3. Cristiano Ronaldo

He has 158 million followers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so it’s no surprise the endorsements keep coming in on top of the $50 million paycheck from Real Madrid.


2. Manny Pacquiao

A shoulder injury has seen the sometime Philippine congressman out of action for the rest of 2015, but at least he can rest easy, that big fight with Floyd netted him a cool $125 million.


1. Floyd Mayweather

Floyd reportedly dumped a deal with Reebok in 2009 and gave them their money back after they complained about him buying Nike shoes and posting on social media about it, but heh when you can pick up $100m check for a night’s work ….


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