The Best Wingsuit Flying

It’s a bird, it’s a plane – no, it’s a wingsuit!

Want to see humans just like you fly like soaring eagles? These wingsuit pros will get you an adrenaline rush that lasts for days with their insane stunts. We present you the best wingsuit flying!

Wingsuiting is the younger, more rad cousin of good old skydiving. Wingsuit flying involves an average human like you wearing a suit which adds surface area to the human body, allowing it to create crazy lift. In other words, wingsuits make people into planes.

You might know them by a different name – birdman suit, flying squirrel suit, bat suit and so on – but they have been around since the 1990s. The very end of the wingsuit journey is a parachute deploying. This is not your average parachute – wingsuit flyers wear the special parachutes created for skydiving and BASE-jumping.

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