Top 10 Documentary Movies of 2015

Like monkeys? You’ll be delighted by the Top 3 documentaries of 2015. Check out more of ‘Top 10 Documentary Movies of 2015’ to see why.

Documentaries had a great year in 2015. ‘Amy’, ‘Iris’ and ‘Dior and I’ are natural classics that takes advantage of documentary’s intimacy to tell great stories. Gripping in the case of ‘Dior and I’, charming and delightful in the case of ‘Iris’ and sad in the tale of what might have been with super talented Amy Winehouse.

IMAX hi-definition and 3D is breathing new life into the nature documentary. We can see plenty of these types of documentaries on TV, but TV cannot replicate the scale and detail IMAX can and this is obviously proving a winner with movie goers. That and monkeys, but who can resist monkeys?


10. Dior and I, The Orchard

Warts and all behind the scenes look at the world of Haute couture away from the gloss of the runway shows.


9. The Wolfpack, Magnolia Pictures

Six brothers grow up on Manhattan’s East Side prisoners in their own home, homeschooled and barely every leaving it or meeting anyone from the outside world until their teens. A fascinating look at what happens after they are set free & how they cope as a family.


8. Iris, Magnolia Pictures

Another high fashion documentary in the ‘Top 10 Documentary Movies of 2015’ list, where ‘geriatric starlet’ (her description) Iris Apfel style is chronicled.  Critics were almost united in being charmed and delighted by this documentary.


7. The Salt of the Earth, Sony Pictures Classics

Another richly rewarding film, this follows the life of Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado and is itself presented through the lens of master film-maker Wim Wenders.


6. Jerusalem, National Geographic Entertainment

Filmed in IMAX 3D, this movie captures the beauty of one of the earth’s oldest cities and the difficulties faced by its 21-century inhabitants in co-existing together peacefully.


5. Journey to the South Pacific, MacGillivray Freeman Films

Another IMAX 3D wonder this time showcasing the beauty of the Pacific Ocean.


4. Island of Lemurs: Madagascar, Warner Bros

One of two monkey documentaries to make the list, this one focussed on conservation efforts to help these creatures and their beautiful Madagascar habitat.


3. Hubble 3D, Warner Bros

The possibilities of IMAX 3D wow again in this visual spectacular. It’s interesting to think the new James Webb telescope will have an even higher resolution than Hubble, it makes you wonder what IMAX pictures it will display.


2. Amy, A24

Heartbreaking and sad; what might have been. The all too short life of Amy Winehouse from those who knew her.


1. Monkey Kingdom, Walt Disney

The gripping real-life trials and tribulations of everyday Macaque monkeys living in a temple in Sri Lanka tops our ‘Top 10 Documentary Movies of 2015’. So gripping you might think it was scripted until you remember Macaque monkeys can’t act.

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